Month: November 2016

Think Like A Salesperson – Don’t Sound Like One!

MAKE IT HAPPEN by thinking like a salesperson, not sounding like one. Has anyone ever told you, “You sound like a salesperson?” That is not a compliment. Instead, you should be having QUALITY conversations with your customers so that they aren’t feeling prospected. Learn to give your customers the service they...

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Own The Phone And You Will Sell More Cars

3 words… OWN THE PHONE MAKE IT HAPPEN by owning the phone. Make your hours at the dealership count, it’s a numbers game. Dedicate yourself to the phones from 9:15-4:45. Don’t waste your time on the floor waiting for a walk-in. Create your own business – If you’re not talking, you’re not...

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Win Big With 40 Quality Conversations

40 quality conversations will get you results! MAKE IT HAPPEN by having quality conversations that guarantee yourself 20+ units a month. In order for this to happen, you need to be having 40 quality conversations a day. We aren’t talking about 40 dials. We are talking about conversations that ask those key questions that get those money-making answers! Start...

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Dealership Advertising Budget 101

Your advertising budget is so important! MAKE IT HAPPEN by MAKING YOUR ADVERTISING BUDGET COUNT. Over 95% of all dealers waste a MINIMUM of 20% of their ad budget. Dealerships are failing to log all of their showroom traffic due to many reasons. Let’s not make excuses. If every single up counts to you, then count EVERY up! Make the most of your budget starting...

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Six Ways To Boost Sales 25% Without Adding Expense (Part 2: Last 3 of 6 Ways)

Boost Sales with Repeats, Referrals, & New Business Any dealer can boost sales 25% within 90 days through Total Opportunity Management. Last post, I covered phone-ups, floor traffic and the internet. This time around I focus on repeat, referral and new business opportunities. Repeat Sales A repeat sale is a sale generated from any of the households from your customer database (for example, Bill Smith buys a car and the salesperson gets his daughter to come in). Let’s do the math. If a salesperson had 600 households in their database, it typically represents about 1,200 vehicles. The average turnaround for...

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