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Install A Proactive, Managed Culture Within Your Dealership

Ditch the reactive culture. Proactive achieves results. Dealerships nationwide have been considering shifting from a traditional open floor within their dealership to a more proactive, managed culture that is appointment driven. But why? Well, most of them are looking to answer this industry wide question- If my salespeople are at work for such long hours, why am I not seeing a better ROI? Let’s be honest. Spending hours waiting for walk-in traffic is not going to give your salespeople the pay raise that they’re looking for. The key to sales success within the automotive industry is being proactive. You most...

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Black Friday Cyber Monday Stuker Sale [40-60% OFF EVERYTHING]

GET 4O TO 60% OFF STUKER TRAINING Dealers take advantage of the Black Friday Cyber Monday Stuker Sale! Watch as Phone King, Tom Stuker, and Vice President of Sales, Roger Abrahamson, talk about the MEGA Stuker Training sale for 2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Dealerships can expect to get 40 to 60% off all Stuker Training products and services. Here is the breakdown. Get 40% off in-house dealership training. Get 50% off online training. Get 60% off Stuker’s training manual, management books, who do you know lapel pins, and more! Sale runs Monday, November 21, 2016 to Monday,...

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Calling Back Unsold Opportunities

MAKE IT HAPPEN by CALLING BACK UNSOLD OPPORTUNITIES. Customers make the decision whether or not to pursue you or your product within the first 60 seconds of leaving the dealership. So many salespeople lose out on sales because they don’t know what to do after they leave the lot. Are you struggling to bring them back to buy? Try out these strategies, and let us know how they work!  ...

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Use Your CRM To Your Advantage

Turn Your CRM into an ATM! MAKE IT HAPPEN by EVALUATING YOUR CRM! Odds are you have a CRM but aren’t using it to your advantage. CRMs store all of the information for you. All you have to do is utilize it! Here’s a challenge for you: grade yourself on a scale of 1-10. How well are you using your CRM? Most of you will probably be a little generous with your score. Now use my criteria to find your REAL...

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Turn your CRM into an ATM

TURN YOUR CRM INTO AN ATM Lets MAKE IT HAPPEN this Monday by turning your CRM into an ATM! How much money are you spending on advertising? Is it paying off? Probably not. You need to be investing in your CRM! These are people that your dealership has the best chance to sell to than anybody in the world. Let’s do the math…...

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