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Stuker at Northwood University International Auto Show October 6-8th, 2017

Discussion Panel, 500+ New Vehicles, Vendors & More! Tom Stuker and the team at Stuker Training will be attending the 54th annual Northwood University International Auto Show this week in Midland, Michigan. “The Northwood University International Auto Show (NUIAS) is the largest outdoor new car auto show in North America. The Auto Show is completely student run and is organized by over 600 Northwood University students from all majors. The auto show attracts an average of 60,000 guests over three days with over 500 vehicles making an appearance.” -NUIAS Representative Tom will be sitting alongside other industry professionals for a...

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Selling Challenges in Today’s Market

Each year consumer needs, behaviors and expectations change, which, in return should reflect your selling strategy. Are you experiencing some frustration adjusting to the new market? You’re not alone. Here’s what we can learn from the 2017 Richardson ‘Understanding Selling Challenges’ report: “There has never been a better time to understand, challenge, and change how sales are made. With unprecedented access to mobile and digital technologies, sellers can understand their buyers better than ever before, creating new opportunities to build lasting engagements in today’s hyperconnected world” – Richardson Sales Expert Top Prospecting Challenges Creating a targeted prospecting strategy Quality...

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Lower Your Safety Net- Plan For Success

Outdated dealership strategies could be causing your dealership to lose tens to hundreds of sales each month. What has worked in the past might not work as good now. When was the last time you analyzed the success of your dealership strategies? For most of us, it’s probably been a while… A lot of us rely too much on a safety net. Just because you’re paying your bills doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. If you continue thinking like that, you will never realize your true potential. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is...

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Free Video Training: The Managed Dealership Floor

    Evaluate, Train and Implement A Managed Dealership Floor Airing every Tuesday morning starting June 20th, 2017 on CBT’s The Tom Stuker Show, Stuker will present his free 4-week dealership training video series ‘The Managed Floor’. Within this groundbreaking series, Tom will give you the resources to evaluate, train and implement a managed dealership floor. To access these training videos click here. Episode 1: Now’s The Time To Think Managed Dealership Floor In this series opener, Tom will lay down the facts. What is a managed floor, what does it mean to have a proactive culture, and why...

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Money Making Secrets Within The Special Finance Office

Special Finance Expert Wes Crumby Reveals How to Turn a $600 Deal into a $3,000 Deal and More… Wes Crumby, owner of Subprime Dealer Services, joined Tom Stuker at CBT News to air a feature segment on special finance. Wes shares his knowledge and experience on the subprime industry, lenders, inventory, responsibilities, best practices, and how to make more profit per sale by putting in the extra time. Special finance is for every dealership no matter the size or type. Dealerships averaging 80 units a month have the opportunity to move 115 units a month by adding special finance to the...

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