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Stuker Scripts for Following-Up with Customers

Stuker Scripts on The Tom Stuker Show Watch as Tom goes over the 3-day follow-up script as well as pre/post-CSI scripts and pre/post-service scripts on his hit CBT News series, ‘The Tom Stuker Show’. More from ‘The Tom Stuker Show’: For more Stuker scripts, order your copy of Stuker’s Guaranteed Sales Success Manual today! (Learn...

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Referrals, referrals, referrals…. sell more cars by asking for referrals.

Referrals need to be in your playbook. Why would you not ask for as many referrals as you possibly could get? Referrals are easier to sell, take less time, give you better gross, are more fun, have better CSI, and are an unlimited opportunity. There is no wrong way to ask for a referral but there are more effective ways than others. Your success with referrals are all based on one thing – the exact words and phrases you use.

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Think Like A Salesperson – Don’t Sound Like One!

MAKE IT HAPPEN by thinking like a salesperson, not sounding like one. Has anyone ever told you, “You sound like a salesperson?” That is not a compliment. Instead, you should be having QUALITY conversations with your customers so that they aren’t feeling prospected. Learn to give your customers the service they...

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Own The Phone And You Will Sell More Cars

3 words… OWN THE PHONE MAKE IT HAPPEN by owning the phone. Make your hours at the dealership count, it’s a numbers game. Dedicate yourself to the phones from 9:15-4:45. Don’t waste your time on the floor waiting for a walk-in. Create your own business – If you’re not talking, you’re not...

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