Dealer Owned Financing & Leasing Setup

With 20 years of portfolio history, Says Yes can show you how to loan money to your clients and minimize your risk, protect and secure your collateral and effectively collect the notes using our proven Says Yes Scoring program. Buy Here Pay Here is a hugely profitable business model and your company will find safety and success utilizing our tested formulas for lending and risk evaluation.

Our dealers survived the 2009-2011 period using our carefully crafted loss reserve approach that weathered the worst economic crisis of our time. Says Yes strategies helped our dealers profitably avoid other financial hardships that many dealers experienced during that time. Don’t delay, start loaning your customers the money they need! We’ll show you how and where to get the funding from lenders who are anxious to offer loans. All the while we will also show you and your staff how to minimize the risk of losses, while making HUGE profits.

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