In-House F&I Training by ATN Financial

Your Best Return on Investment

A Finance Department can (and should) be the highest performing part of your business. Investing in proper training and process installation in your Finance Department is generally the fastest and surest way to increase your bottom line. Our experts can make sure you have the best strategies and products in place, as well as make sure you’re completely compliant with applicable regulations. We believe that managing finance is so much more than spinning paper. We’ll make sure your F&I staff knows how to manage portfolios, more effectively structure deals, and get more deals bought. We make painstaking efforts to keep your finance department constantly compliant. Services include regular reporting and periodic auditing. We can confidently say that we offer F&I training unlike anyone in the industry.

In-House Management

Our team will come in and demonstrate how to properly menu-sell, giving your customers all the necessary information about your products in a consistent way. Another crucial skill we teach is how to manage relationships and portfolios with preferred lenders, which increases your ability to get deals bought. We make sure every deal is packaged properly – every time. In the end, you’ll see that ATN Financial will help you boost your PVR, and do it the right way.

Advanced F&I Director School

This is by far the most unique training curriculum we have. Our Finance schools is not for new F&I Managers, and doesn’t spend much time on the basics. Our intensive school is for Dealers & Experienced F&I Directors who want to take their F&I skills to the next level. From dissecting a credit bureau line-by-line, to learning how lenders determine risk rating and loan eligibility, our unique, advanced course material will boost your dealership’s capacity to put more deals on the books.

F&I Products

Your F&I Department is only as good as its products. We’ll help make sure you are taking advantage of the best products and tools available, that are of greatest benefit to both you and your customers. ATN Financial can help you set up your own Finance Products Access for far less, by cutting out the middleman most dealers pay for.

Additionally, we can customize your dealership’s F&I menu to incorporate the products and services you offer, and convert it into a consumer friendly digital format.

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