Fixed Ops Training and Management

Whether you want just a one-time training visit or for us to run your fixed ops department, Black Ops does it all.

‘Click’ or read below to find out how Black Ops can help you keep your Fixed Ops in the black. 

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Our Black Ops experts have received the best training in the industry, and have helped bring Service & Parts Departments across the continent to profitability. Working with us gives you access to a full team of professionals who know the best practices in the industry, and specialize in customizing them to your needs.

Customer Handling Process

From the moment your customers get a Service Appointment to the time they pick it up, they need to have a consistently smooth and enjoyable experience. Black Ops will help you create a, effective step-by-step process that is consistently followed, and help identify and fix any areas that need improvement. 

From Walk-Arounds, to Dispatching, to Internal Processes, Black Ops will make sure your Service Customers won’t want to go anywhere else for their servicing needs. 

Production Hour Management

How much is one hour worth? How much is one Service Stall worth? Managing a shop’s flow and production is paramount in maximizing Department Profitability. We will arm your management with the tools and skills to accurately track and improve shop production, dispatching, and maximize shop load.

Express Service Teams

In today’s world, while price is still important, TIME and CONVENIENCE are consistantly more important to consumers. If you can consistently delivery quiality vehichle services in a convenient, timely manner, you will stand out from the rest. Our “Minute-Man” program will give your customer a reason to come to you, and feel like a Pit Crew is making sure they’re quickly ready to get back on the track!

Financial Tracking, Reporting & Management

Our report card (as well as yours) is your Financial Statement. We train your key managers in Financial Analysis, Management & Reporting. Minimizing unnecessary expenses and maximizing Gross Profit will earn you a greater Net Profit. Let us come give your team the tools to successfully and consistently  keep your Fixed Ops in the black.

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